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This is one of the olduino’s best tricks. An inexpensive ethernet shield and a bunch of code makes a standalone web server.
14-08-11 ethernet

I’ve done several iterations of it starting with a simple blinkenlight example where  the 1802 would serve a simple web page and turn its Q led on and off in response to browser requests.  There was later a multi-user version of this that let people register their names and kept a table of them.  I had it on the public internet for a few days early this year and it served several hundred pages to people all over the world.  This was running on a 1.6MHz 1802 with the shield adapter and 2MHz SPI connection between the 1802 and the ethernet card.  I had to be really tricky about not sending/receiving too much data.  I wrote a couple of posts on the code here and here.
14-02-19 Thanks14-02-19ledoff

The latest version of the server is running on the 4MHz 1802 CPU with a faster connection to the ethernet card.  On this platform I implemented the Bagels number guessing game from the old David H. Ahl book: 101 Basic Computer Games.  This still tries not to push too much data but it maintains a list of current players with their scores and secret numbers.  There’s a writeup here and some followup here here and here.  At this point it works pretty well but it hasn’t been on the public internet yet.
14-07-17 bagels1

101 Basic Computer Games

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