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This is my landing page for material related to the VINTAGE COMPUTER FESTIVAL MIDWEST 11, Lombard, IL I wasn’t able to attend this year but I had an olduino poster on the Cosmac 1802 table and the blinkenlights server was running.

15-08-25 qon
The server was running on a 4mhz 1802 with a wiznet w5500 ethernet adapter. It’s a simple application that let’s you toggle an led on the server sitting in my study in Ottawa.

The server is down now.



In case anyone is sceptical that the server is actually running on the 1802, I made a little programming demo video. I’m really pleased at how well the compile and upload cycle works:

The Olduino is a retro-Arduino. This one uses an RCA 1802 processor from the 1970s but adds hardware and software so it can function like an arduino and use some arduino add-on shields. The Olduino is more limited than an Arduino but that is part of the fun. The Olduino has 9 dedicated output pins and 4 inputs. It lacks(so far) analog input and output capability but can still use many basic shields. The Olduino has hardware support for high speed SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface) through a set of shift registers on the olduino board. It can do high-speed serial communications to an attached PC through the an onboard AVR slave processor.

There’s now an Olduino/Z based on the Zilog Z80 processor. It runs the same C code as the 1802 Olduino compiled with the Small Device C Compiler(SDCC) and the Z80 Development Kit(Z88DK).  More info here.

16-03-06 aboutimage











I’ve also got a set of “flash cards” for the 1802 olduino. Post-card sized each one covers some facet of the olduino with an entry on this site.

14-08-28 compatability

14-08-26 codeandgocard

14-08-26 rangefindercard

14-08-31 tms1638 card

14-09-07 ethernet card


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