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An Olduino is a retro-Arduino.  It uses a processor from the early days of computing but adds hardware and software so it can function  like an arduino and use some arduino add-on shields.  The Olduinos is more limited than an Arduino but that is part of the fun.

The 1802 Olduino is based on the RCA COSMAC 1802 processor, and the Olduino/Z is based on the Zilog Z80.  I have notions of doing one based on the IBM 360/20 from 1964.

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14-08-27 billtoo

My name is Bill Rowe. I built my first home computer in the 1970’s from the Popular Electronics article. I got out of hardware hacking in the 1980’s but came back when somebody gave me an Arduino in 2008. When Lee Hart made the little Membership Card I thought “Hmmm Olduino?” The Olduino has been through several generations of hardware and software and boasts its own C compiler. I have enough development plans to keep the project going for a while.  You can reach me through the form below or directly as bill_rowe_ottawa at

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