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It Phits! (In which I Cram Everything In)

December 2, 2018

Here’s Carbot/370 more or less slung together. All the wiring is there except the power and the only component missing is the sideways looking sensor. When complete the Carbot will be able navigate a simple arena like a wall-following racer. This is the same as previous incarnations of the Carbot except that the navigation and motor control will be done by MVS batch jobs.

Conceptually this is a variant of the IBM 370/158M (mobile edition). The self driving capability might have been used within a city but for longer moves I’m sure FEMA would have used trucks.

From the rear you can see the Pimoroni Explorer phat with the Raspberry Pi Zero W underneath it. The IR distance sensor on top is jumper wired to the phat analog inputs and the motor wires go to the phat’s motor control outputs. The OLED screen is connected to the I2C pins of the Pi although I had to solder to the stubs left exposed of the phat’s header which otherwise hides those pins.

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