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In Which WiringMVS Punches Through TK4- Hercules

September 23, 2018

Ok. I now have Hercules built to run the TK4- environment properly and I have ported my SVC 255 bodge to that version. This is a change to the emulation of the supervisor call instruction that causes it to execute my C++ code instead of running an MVS operating system routine if a program calls SVC 255 with 0x42 in register 0. My C++ code interprets registers 1 and 2 to call the appropriate wiringPi routine e.g. R1=0 R2=1 is equivalent to pinMode(1,INPUT); R1=5 R2=12345 is a delay of 12345 MS.

Below is the jobstream submitted in the demo video and the MVS console after the job ends. There’s nothing very exciting in these baby steps but I am closing in on submitting a batch job and having the rogue 370 driving a robot car.

From → Olduino/370

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