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Olduino/370 Goes Rogue

September 15, 2018

I’m planning to use the olduino/370 in a couple of projects where it will have to be mobile. It needs a case, and I think it would be funny to have a robot car running around with a miniature mainframe on top.

Accordingly, I am retcon-ing the IBM 370/158 mobile edition. This would’ve been a special purpose mainframe optimized for battery power and use in the field. It has the full 370 instructions set but only limited I/O and it’s meant to be set up in something like a FEMA field camp for keeping track of people and possessions.

The real /158 had a dedicated 3270-type terminal on a separate table and didn’t have much of a control panel. My reimagined version has the screen built into the front of the CPU and an IPL control panel in the bottom right. Only the power button is set up high to keep kids from fiddling with it. Once it’s IPL’d and running the control panel is disabled with a key switch. There’s a running status display on the integrated 3270 but all user interaction is through separate terminals connected through packet radio and the arpanet.

The original is 61 inches high 32 inches wide and quite deep. I am aiming for something like three inches high, 1.5 inches wide, and 1.5 deep mostly so it will be sort of proportional with a little oled display set into the front. The control panel is shown larger than life because I want at least some of the buttons to actually be functional and maybe show some lights behind it.

There would be bags of room inside for a Pi zero and batteries and probably a solderless breadboard for mounting things like the motor controller for the robot car. Not sure about mounting sensors but may be a blue coloured breadboard on top wouldn’t be crazy.

I did this with paper because I have access to a colour printer and it was easy, I am hoping I can find a 3-D printable raspberry pi case that I can adapt to my dimensions.

I found some good pictures and size information for the /148 on the Computer History Museum web site. Below there’s an image of a full /148 computer room and of a museum artifact that shows the outlines of it. I wouldn’t mind profiling the front the way the 148 panel is fitted.

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