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April 10, 2018

I love the 1802 but my native instructon set was the 360/370 and I worked as a system programmer for years so I’d love to do an Olduino/370. I played with the MVS Tur(n)key system a long time ago but when it got to wanting JCL I shut it down. Now I realize the real fun is in blinking LEDS. I figure the credit-card size Raspberry Pi W might be the starting point. I’m sure the pi-arduino shield space is well covered so i just need a 370 emulator with a boot-loader and a PC based C compiler for it.

I came across the Mainframe Pi group on facebook where someone mentioned the Hercules Emulator running MVS on a Pi and I’m in!

  1. I have toyed with the idea of using one of the 8-bit microprocessors, probably the 6502 of my youth given I think Page Zero mode would really be useful, to implement the 360 instruction similar to what IBM did with the Model 30 where an 8-bit CPU provided the full 360 instruction set.

    Right not it is notes and, having discovered the ELF, I’m on a 1802 kick, but the notes call to me every now and then.

    • The 360/30 always seemed clever because it was a proper subset of the 360. for example it used load half and store half for its 16 bit registers and a few special case instructions like BASR (branch and store register). I never seriously used the 6502 but the zero page instructions certainly seemed handy.

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