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Yay – The Grandson Compiler Is Close…

October 23, 2017

I’ve been working on a new version of the compiler off and on all this year and finally, in the last couple of days, I’ve done some thorough testing.

Version NW supports code generation for the 1804/5/6 with option “Wf-cpu1805” and also allows tailoring for the run-time environment with “-Wf-env=xxxx”. Under the covers I’ve switched the stack discipline so the 1802/4/5/6 maintains a clean stack – R2 always points BELOW the last byte used.

The -cpu1805 option sets the CPU 1805 for the assembler, tells the macros to generate 1804/5/6 specific instructons, and also tells the compiler that registers 4 and 5 are available for variables.

The -env=xxxx makes the compiler include before the compiler prolog so you can set codeloc, stackloc, cpuspeed, or whatever and include after the compiler epilog so you can have a custom I/O setup.

Testing for the 1806 code is a bit painful: I have a fakeloader setup that will load code to an other than location 0 but I have to run the test suite of a dozen or so programs for the 1802 at location 0, 1802 at an offset, then 1805. In every one of those sequences I think I found errors – mostly related to the stack discipline.

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