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This Time It’s Serious 

August 24, 2017

 We have a string of sunny days forecast with no precipitation. It’s propped up in full sun at a 45 degree angle. If a week like this doesn’t do it, I call BS on the whole sunlight erasing UV chips thing.

I have a blank chip on its way and I do mean to order an eraser if I need one, but I would like to see this work.

I was a bit worried about the chip overheating but I measured it when it was in the plastic bag and it hit 109°F. The chips are rated for something like 85°C in the service and 150°C in storage.

Update: After a bit less than a week of steady sunny days the UV EPROM is clearly losing its programming. Large parts of the chip are cleared to 0s although there are still remnants of the code. The erasure pattern is certainly peculiar though. locations 00-07,10-17,20-27 etc are cleared to 0’s but 08-0F,18-1F etc still have quite a few bits set corresponding to the originally programmed code. Further down the chip huge swaths have been cleared to 0.

The common wisdom was that a couple of weeks of sun would do it and i’d say that’s fair. I would add that modern window glass protected the chip VERY well and even a sandwich bag inhibited erasure. The image on the left is the current state and the right is the state when i set it out to bake 6 days ago.

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