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Well duh… Also YAY!

August 21, 2017

I started doggedly buzzing out all the connections and realized that without the front panel or the olduino adapter, the membership card circuitry has /mwrite disconnected so a super-simple program would work but the blink sketch wouldn’t.
The video above has it running the blink sketch with a 6MHz resonator in place. The orange jumper in the 30 pin connector is bridging /mwrite. It would not blink at 8MHz but I’ll leave that for another day.

Despite all the nonsense I’m a bit excited about running it naked like this. As soon as I get a bootloader in ROM I’ll make a little adapter to fit on the 30 pin connector with the power/serial header and a Q LED(oh, and a reset circuit). I’ll lose my SPI circuitry but it will be easier to get at the processor and memory while I work on the speed.

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