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WooHoo – The Screamer is Screaming!

August 19, 2017

17-08-19 8MHZ 47pfAs of end of day today all of the on-board soldering is done and the clock circuit delivers stable pulses up to (probably) 10 MHZ. The processor is generating timing pulses and state codes and generally looks good. I tried actually running a 7B 7A 30 00 sequence by loading in on a working olduino and transplanting the memory but it doesn’t seem to be pulsing Q. It is doing fetch/execute cycles though so i’m sure it’s something simple.

I say it probably works at 10MHZ because my logic analyzer shows varying pulse widths averaging 10MHZ – I think it’s just an issue of sampling at 24MHZ.

Update: when I actually hooked up the probe to Q I could see it pulsing just fine at 8MHZ!
17-08-20 Q


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