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Goodbye Mr Chips

June 12, 2017



I got another end-of-life parts warning from digikey today.  This time for the 6 pin ATTINY10 I use to generate the millisecond interrupt for the olduino/z.  You can see it in the image almost hidden by the single male header I needed to program it. I forget but I think it only took power, ground and one pin to program.  OK, it’s only 32 bytes of ram and 1K of flash but come on, isn’t that the cutest thing ever?  I’ll buy a few more before the year is up.

I’ve had a few other chips go obsolete on me: the TP3465V SPI chip that I used in the olduino/Z and the STK16C88 non volatile RAM that I use in both olduinos. In each case I’ve sourced a couple of spares from eBay because there’s really no follow-on replacement for either. The ATTINY10 6 pin package is obsolete in favour of an SOIC 8 pin which is not that much bigger but doesn’t seem nearly as cute.


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