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First 1806 Counter/Timer Tests

March 16, 2017

17-03-16 ttest1

So, my first crack at the 1806 timer functions worked fine.  I set the 8 bit counter to a starting value with LDC then put it into timer mode with STM and it counts down one every 32 machine cycles(TPA’s). I get the value with two GEC’s separated by the normal olduino spin delay which just counts instructions and the results are pretty comparable. At 4MHZ the downcount happens every 64US and the range of the counter is a bit more than 16ms. That sounds too short to be useful but I’m actually planning to run it so it interrupts about every millisecond and use an interrupt routine to track milliseconds in a long int and use that for delay() and millis() ala arduino. The code below is all done in C with inline assembler because I’m lazy. the loading and getting of the timer are in functions because that’s the easiest way to get values in and out of assembly routines.


//timer test 1 - 1806 timer counter demo
#include <olduino.h>
#include <nstdlib.h>
#include <cpu1802spd4port7.h>
void LDC(unsigned char c){
	asm(" glo r12 ; pick up the value\n"
		" LDC ;		set the timer\n");
unsigned char GEC(){
	asm(" GEC ;		get the value\n"
		" plo r15\n ldi 0\n phi r15 \n"
		" cretn ;	this is the actual return\n");
	return 42;//just to keep the compiler happy
void main()
	unsigned char t1,t2;
	int i,d=16;
	printf("Hello Timer Fans\n");
	asm(" CID; disable timer interrupts\n");
	LDC(255);//load the timer
	asm(" STM; start the timer\n");
	printf("t1=%d, t2=%d\n\n",t1,t2);
	printf("spin delay of %d ms\n",d);
	printf("covered about %f timer ms\n",(float)(t1-t2)/(15.625));
#include <nstdlib.c>
#include <olduino.c>


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