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What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 16, 2017

17-02-16 serial U.jpg

After getting the revised serial bridge code in the AVR working with a new version(olduinoII_ISPV6) I figured I should make sure it was backward compatible with the VF5 that I had been using.  It didn’t work with the little nokia lcd so i decided to reload VF5 in the AVR to make sure it wasn’t an LCD hardware problem.  Of course, VF5 doesn’t work! Running a simple program that sends an ASCII ‘U'(0x55) from the 1802 I get it sending 0x38 0x35 to windows.  The AVR program itself sends text fine but when it’s bridging for the 1802 it Fs it up.

Ahh, I think I know. The character is being held in a uint8_t and the streaming output thingy is converting it so ‘U'(0x55) is coming out as its decimal equivalent 85.  What a waste of time! I see that in V6 I had declared it unsigned char and the output line was cout<<_BYTE(char1802); so i must have solved this a while ago and forgotten.  Dummy.


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