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Interesting LLVM Book

March 12, 2016

16-03-12 llvm cookbook

llvm is my great white whale of compiler frameworks.  I have spent months off and on trying to get something working for the 1802 but have always been frustrated by the complexity of the code and the opacity of the documentation.  I put it aside a while ago but then I spotted a new book on Amazon. the LLVM Cookbook.  This seems to be a well-written and broad guide to LLVM including creating a target backend.  I’ve worked my way through the first few chapters and the instructions for each “recipe” seem complete.  I’m using a linux virtual machine on Cloud9 which has all the tools I need pre-installed.

I’ve looked at the backend chapter which builds a complete backend for a toy architecture and it, again, seems clear.  I haven’t actually tried the recipes there because i would have to install the llvm source.

I think that, to succeed with it, I would have to get a paper copy of the book as well as the electronic copy.  I would either work on my macbook where I do have the source, or on another cloud linux.



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