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Code-And-Go Goes From No-Go to Bingo!

March 4, 2016

Below is the bootload sequence for the 1802 Olduino.  The top line is RTS which resets the olduino.  First you see RTS cycle a couple of times due to the MODE command. Then you see RX and TX going as the bootloader runs.  Finally, two seconds after the RX activity stops, you see TX running as the 1802 prints “Hello World”.
16-03-04 hello 1802

MODE com3: rts=on >NUL

AVRDUDE -CC:\…/avrdude.conf -u -V -D -patmega644p -cstk500v1 -P\\.\COM3 -b57600 -U flash:w:%1.hex:i %2 %3

Next is what should be the equivalent sequence for the Olduino/Z (although it’s still connected to the 1802). Here you see RTS cycle then it goes low for the full duration of the xmodem transfer(which doesn’t actually happen) then go high again. You see the 1802 sending the “Hello..” sequence near the beginning and again after RTS comes high. This is not what I want.


MODE com3: rts=on >NUL

c:\apps\python27\python C:\Users\bill\Documents\python\



Then is the trace of just doing a pyserial open and close – this is clearly what is lowering and raising the RTS line.  I need to deal with that or move away from python.

16-03-04 pyopenclose1802

port = serial.Serial(port=’COM3′, parity=serial.PARITY_NONE,
stopbits=serial.STOPBITS_ONE, timeout=5,xonxoff=0,



And Bingo! Thanks to an answer on Stack Overflow I modified the python serial open sequence to stop it activating RTS. The result seems perfect. You see the RTS cycle at first, then the XMODEM load sequence, then the Hello World app gets run so the TX line shows activity again.

16-03-04 and bingo


import logging
import serial
    from cStringIO import StringIO
    from StringIO import StringIO
from xmodem import XMODEM, CRC
from time import sleep
import os
print "File Size is",fileSize

def getc(size, timeout=1):
def putc(data, timeout=1):
    global xCount
    print("TX# %d(%d)" % (xCount,len(data)))
    sleep(0.001) # give device time to send ACK

#Main program starts here - define the serial port, set RTS off, then open it
port = serial.Serial(parity=serial.PARITY_NONE,
#open the file to be loaded
stream = open('C:\\Users\\bill\\Documents\\olduinoz\\z88dk\\helloworld\\a_code.bin','rb')
#transfer the file
result=XMODEM(getc, putc).send(stream, quiet = 1)
#close the file
#close the port
if result:
    print "transfer successful"
    print "transfer unsuccessful"


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