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A Quick Try at Multiple Browser Sockets on the W5500

March 1, 2016

16-03-01 msfailI want to work on something else for a while but I had a stab at opening multiple sockets on port 80 so I could handle two browser sessions semi-simultaneously. My theory was that, as long as there was a socket in listening state, the wiznet chip would allow the connection and buffer the data until I got to it.

I first verified that the status quo does fail on collisions. If I refresh a session on my laptop and phone at the same time one of them gets the connection refused.

I set another socket to port 80 and tidied up some global variables and tried again. I would say it might be better but it’s not good. I can see both sockets get used once or twice but if i try two sessions simultaneously one usually gets bounced.

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