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Wow – Don’t Try This at Home

February 26, 2016

I usually open up ports on the firewall using oddball external ports such as 1802 but today I had opened port 80 and 23 because that was what i had hard coded in the olduino. As I was doing my timing I noticed a session pop up that I hadn’t started. I used the table display and found that I had had DOZENS of telnet sessions connect over the time i was running my tests! The IP addresses are all over the place from the obvious suspects but also US domestic addresses. I assume these are automated port scanners looking for open ports and trying maybe typical telnet sequences to see what they’re dealing with. I don’t think they’s have much luck hacking the olduino but i’ll for sure start using non-standard ports.

The table below shows the incoming ip addresses. Mostly it looks like they just connected and disconnected without sending any cr’s. A couple did send some commands. None of them won any games!

Client Table/Secret/Games/Turns

Sock Port Stat Prev Mode
   0   80   14   14
   1   23   17   17    C
   2   23   14   14    C
   3   23   14   14
   4   23   14   14

From → telnet, web server

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