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All Right! It Actually Works: Browser+Multiple Telnet Clients

February 24, 2016

16-02-24 telnetX2

I activated a third socket and put the olduino on the local network. This turned up a couple of coding errors and some head scratching but it now seems completely functional. The image above shows my windows laptop and macbook running telnet into the olduino (which you can see on the far left). My phone and another tablet have active browser games going as well.

The image below is part of the telnet session on the windows computer, You can see it connects and play a game winning in two moves. Then you see a “t” command and the resulting table display. The IP table shows the four active IPs(two browsers and two telnets) with their secret numbers and stats. Below that is the socket table which shows the three active sockets: socket 0 listening(code 14) on port 80, sockets 1 and 2 in session on port 23(code 17). The two browser clients will share socket 0, establishing and disconnecting a session each turn. The Telnet clients lock up their socket until they disconnect. You can see from the table that both of the telnet sockets are in Command mode – if they were actively playing they would be in Guess mode.

16-02-24 telnetside

I continue to be very impressed by the Wiznet W5500 chip on the Ethernet card.  Very easy to work with and very robust.  At various times with various errors or misunderstandings i have thrown a ton of junk at that thing and written in many inappropriate places.  It has never locked up or done anything untoward other than pass on garbage to a client when i told it to.

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