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Olduino/Z Current Draw With CMOS Chips

December 17, 2015

When I first tested the Z80 Membership Card I found current draw well over 100ma.  I’ve since replaced the Z80 CPU, the ROM, and the SRAM all with CMOS parts.  I tested the power draw today and found it down in the 25ma range.  The processor was the most dramatic difference so for less than $5, it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

These are 40 pin chips so you have to be judicious about inserting them.  I was as careful as I’ve ever been but i still had two pins bend and they felt particularly fragile.  It was a new chip from digikey so i doubt it was a pull but I hope i don’t have to change it again.  The only other 40 pin chips I’ve dealt with lately are 1802s and they have been much more rugged.

15-12-17 bent pin


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