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October 27, 2015

So, I can’t use the output port but RS232 comms is fine. I wrote a little program to display the monitor’s millisecond count and it works fine.

#include <stdio.h>

void main(){
	unsigned char a;
	unsigned int * ticcnt=(unsigned int *)0xFFF0; //millisecond count maintained by monitor
	printf("\nHello World! @%d\n",*ticcnt);
	printf("\nHello Again! @%d\n",*ticcnt);
	printf("getchar returned %d @ %d\n",a,*ticcnt);

It’s a bit painful to get it loaded using xmodem over the 9600 baud connection but once it’s loaded it runs and gives correct-ish output.
15-10-27 teraterm

There’s still more to the circuit than I would have thought but it should clean up on the protoboard. The connections are:
power/ground (red/black)
OUT7 and OUT0 (both yellow)
reset (lower blue)
IN7 and IN6 (orange and upper blue)
and reset(white)
15-10-27 bb1

15-10-27 bb2


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