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Z80 MC Power Draw

September 26, 2015

Lee had mentioned that the Z80MC drew a lot of power.  I measured it today by putting a .2 ohm resistor in place and measuring the drop across it.  I used .2 ohms because I was expecting a draw of 300-400ma and i didn’t want to drop the voltage too much.  As it happens, I measure .033V over .2 ohms meaning about 165ma.  Without the front panel it’s .026 indicating 130ma.  By contrast the 1802 olduino with 1802 and avr shows .014V indicating 70ma and i suspect most of that is the AVR itself.

Since the current was modest I felt safe measuring it with a multimeter which showed 175ma for the Z80 MC plus front panel.  Close enough for me.

I bought a CMOS Z80 chip and my new eeprom is low power as well so i’m hoping this will go down quite a bit.


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