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Olduino/Z First Thoughts on Layout

September 16, 2015

I got a prototyping board from Lee when I got the Z80 membership card anticipating that i would use it for the first draft of the olduino adapter.  It would be good for routine prototyping with a little breadboard mounted on it maybe but not so much for my plans.  Lee gives up a lot of space for connections to the headers coming up from the CPU board and that makes it pretty awkward to mount the arduino headers.  I’m persevering a bit anyway to see where it gets me.  The image below is a greyed out version of the prototype card.

15-09-16 OZ I

  • The green rectangles outline the headers coming up from the CPU card.  P1 on the left is raw address and data bus and P2 on the right is the latched input and output data and control signals.
  • The red rectangles outline the arduino headers 2X8 on the left including the SPI signals near the botton and 2X6 on the right which include analog inputs near the top.  The left one is hanging out in space – maybe epoxy, maybe this board will never get built! On a fresh board the right hand arduino rail would be close to P2 and the left would be just outboard of P1.  That’s what the 1802 olduino looks like.
  • The blue rectangle outlines where a 6 pin connector would go for serial I/O and power.
  • The top whitish rectangle is a Z80 Parallel I/O chip (PIO) and the bottom one is a TP3465 SPI chip from texas instruments.  I don’t fully understand either of those chips but I will!

Next step is to hand draw as many of the connections as I can stand to see what kind of placement makes sense and what glue(logic and epoxy!) I would need.

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