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Migrating Off Google Code

September 6, 2015

Of Course I waited too late to get off Google Code. I finally managed to migrate to assembla by doing an “svnrdump” and importing that to assembla. The repository is now here

I’m not really bitter about google but that was really annoying. There was theoretically a migration path from google code to github and to sourceforge but github meant git which I just could not get my head around.

In the end I:

  1. did the svnrdump of the google code repository (svnrdump >source.repo.dump – the svn command line tools are installed along with tortoisesvn
  2. compressed that file to
  3. imported that file at after setting up an account
  4. renamed each of the working folders on my programming computer(c:/lcc42/examples and /include and documents/lcc42)
  5. .did a new checkout of each of the three folders in the repository
  6. updated the examples directory where i had changed it after google code went read only
  7. committed the changes
  8. repeated 4 & 5 on my other computer to bring it up to date

Everything seems ok now but time will tell and i’ve saved the old source.


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