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Working Serial Adapter for the Z80 Front Panel

September 5, 2015

The Z80 Front Panel card has a 5 pin adapter to provide power and serial communications.  It’s set up to handle either RS232 level or TTL level signals.  In order to use a USB-TTL serial cable without modifying the front panel board I made a little adapter to route the cable signals to the correct pins. I also had to use an FTDI utility to invert the serial signals.
15-09-05 serial15-09-05 zmc monitor
If I’d realized the need before I built the board I might have modified the front panel and left out the RS232 bits – it wouldn’t have been that big a deal. Anyway, it’s done now and it’s stable enough that I can use the serial monitor and upload code(once I have some code!).

15-09-05 adapter top

15-09-05 adapter bottom

15-09-05 schematic


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