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Z80 CPU Card Front Panel Assembly

August 30, 2015

Today I assembled the front panel board of lee hart’s Z80 CPU kit. The Z80 board itself will be the basis for Olduino/Z but the front panel will be great for testing.

15-08-30 cold 80

There are a fair number of components so it took a while to assemble but Lee’s layouts and labelling are exquisitely good and the assembly notes cover most tricky bits.

15-08-30 front panel

15-08-30 front panel too

The only real problem I ran into was that the RAM chip is seated so close to the Z80 that the two chips physically touched enough so that I couldn’t seat them. I took a tiny bit off each chip with sandpaper(I know!) and they went in ok. I might have been able to get by with finagling them but i know both chips will be in and out of the board so i figured i would deal with it.

15-08-30 chip lip
15-08-30 all together now

Anyway, I did a couple of power tests without the big chips in place then fired it up. I won’t go any further today but it looks like it’s more or less up!

below are a couple more pictures from previous days.
15-08-30 cpu board too

15-08-30 cpu board


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