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InfraRed Remote Sensor Module

August 6, 2015

15-08-06 IR
I’ve been poking at a build of the Tote Quadruped Robot over the summer. One of the sidelights is the use of an infrared sensor module to respond to a TV remote. I wondered if I could use some aspect of this as a stop/start switch for carbot. The module has power, ground, and a data output. The output is high with no buttons pressed and when you do press a button it presents a train of pulses as shown below (I held down the “Tivo” key on a remote for several seconds.

15-08-06 IR signal
It looks like you get a burst of pulses for 50 ms or so then a shorter set of pulses every 100ms until you release the button.  I’m sure the content is in the details of the pulses but for the olduino i would just want a steady indication that any key was being pressed.  Maybe something like a diode that would let the IR module pull down but not up then a capacitor to ground and a largish resistor to +V so that the signal would return to +V after 100ms with no pulses.


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