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Well This Seems Awkward – FTDI Cables and the Arduino-ish Pro Mini

June 17, 2015

So the arduino pro-mini came today (ordered May 11: 5 weeks). That made me think I’d better try hooking it up with the 3.3v cable that came last week which turns out to be a bit of a mess.
15-06-17 Cables
The first thing I noticed is that the new 3.3V cable on the right has wildly different pinouts than my old standard 5v cable that i’ve been using for years. Yes, it does go vcc-gnd instead of gnd-cts-vcc!

15-06-17 prominipdf
Next I see that the Pro Mini has a different pinout again with gnd-gnd-vcc at one end instead of gnd-cts-vcc (maybe that’s ok though CTS is just being held low).

Anyway, it looks like some kind of adapter will be needed. I might be able to get away with something scungy but it would be better by far to do it right.

Further, these cables seem to have 3.3V I/O but the VCC line is 5V which means I can’t just hook it up anyway. The pro-mini has an onboard regulator so maybe i can feed 5V to its RAW input. Anyway, some kind of adapter will be needed.

Thanks to pighixxx on the forum for the pinout

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