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In Which I Move Closer to the Robot Apocalypse – LLVM For the 1802 Gets Conditional Branches

April 2, 2015

Well, closer to being Turing complete anyway. With the help of Pierre Andre Saulais of Codeplay I have got simple conditional branches into LLVM for the 1802. I also got a huge “leg” up on understanding how LLVM instruction selection works.

The code below is pretty awful but baby steps will still get us to the dawn of SkyNet – it will just take time.

int foo(int i){
  return 0;
	LD2I r1,#1
	wblt r0,r1,.LBB0_2
	LBR .LBB0_1
	LD2I r1,#65535
	add r0, r0, r1
	LD2I r1,#0
	bgt r0, r1, .LBB0_1
	LBR .LBB0_2
	LD2I r0,#0
	SEP 5

In the end it came down to putting a few lines into and one C++ routine to pretty print the branch condition:

def : Pat<(brcc SETGT, i32:$src1, i32:$src2, bb:$dst), (BCmp 18, $src1, $src2, $dst)>;
def : Pat<(brcc SETLT, i32:$src1, i32:$src2, bb:$dst), (BCmp 20, $src1, $src2, $dst)>;
def cc_val : Operand<i32>{
  let PrintMethod = "printCondCode";
let isTerminator = 1, isBranch = 1 in {
  def BCmp : InstLEG<(outs), (ins cc_val:$cc, GRRegs:$src1, GRRegs:$src2, b_target:$dst),
                     "b$cc $src1, $src2, $dst",  []> {

The patterns like (brcc SETGT, i32:$src1, i32:$src2, bb:$dst) match the LLVM intermediate language conditional branch. SETGT is the condition to branch on – these evaluate to numerics so the let PrintMethod=”printCondCode” invokes a bit of C code that makes them readable.

The big learning was around how LLVM actually selects instructions. The routine
SDNode *LEGDAGToDAGISel::Select(SDNode *N)
in lib/Target/LEG/LEGISelDAGToDAG.cpp gets called for each llvm ir statement. It can elect to generate code itself and return it or it can default to returning SelectCode(N). SelectCode is what scans the patterns from If It fails to find a match you get a gloriously hex-y failure message.

I could not have done this without direct help from Pierre Andre but I do feel a bit smarter today.

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