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Port Forwarding The Comcast Router and Another Non-Pro Tip for the Mac

April 1, 2015

Back in February I was trying to get the bagels/doughnuts server on the public internet from a place we’re renting in florida this winter. I jumped through what i thought were the right hoops but i could never get it to work. Today I did. The first issue was that the comcast(Arris TG862) router does not translate the port number where my home router does. At home I tell the router the WAN port(say 1802) goes to a particular ip (say and a particular port(usually 80). The Comcast router doesn’t translate the port number – obvious when you know it. Also, I had to set the firewall security level to “Custom” which is quite low security. I’ll have to reset this stuff when we leave. Thanks to for some examples that showed me the error of my ways.
So the router screens:
15-04-01 FW


void socket0_init_1802(){ //initialize socket 0 for http server
	wizCmd(CR_CLOSE); //make sure port is closed
	wizSetCtl8(SnIR,0xFF); //reset interrupt reg
	wizSetCtl8(SnMR,MR_TCP); //set mode register to tcp
	wizSetCtl16(SnPORT,1802); //set tcp port to 1802
	wizCmd(CR_OPEN); //open the port
	wizCmd(CR_LISTEN); //listen for a conection

Oh – The non-pro tip:
Do not begin a directory name with ! if you’re going to use it from a command line. If you type say cd !w5500 at the Bash prompt you get told “w5500 event not found”. You have to escape the ! as

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