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In Which I Plan to Serve Doughnuts Instead of Bagels

March 13, 2015

So, one of the testers of the bagels game speculated that the term “Bagels” might refer to having zeroes across the board in guessing the three digit number (Bagels are round like 0’s, get it?). In that case he offered the suggestion that doughnuts might be more Canadian. In any event, I think doughnuts is funnier than bagels so, I give you the Doughnuts server:
15-03-12 Donuts

At The same time, I added a refresher on the rules to the page that responds to a guess so you can see what pico/fermi/doughnuts means.
15-03-12 Donuts2

I also corrected a problem that’s been there for a while that could leave you with a “secret” of 999 and no way to win or get out, and I added a function to display the table of IP addresses and statistics.

What it’s crying out for is a leaderboard with initials for high scorers but there’s a convoluted lot of code now and i’m hesitant to try anything too tricky. The initials would mean adding another input form, filtering the entries for subversive content, and maintaining a sorted table of winners which just sounds like no fun to code.

I’m planning to put the server on the internet tomorrow or sunday and try to get people from the Cosmac Elf 1802 community to try it out.


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