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Bagels Server Fails – And That’s a Good Thing

March 8, 2015

Having found the problem with my windows laptop(don’t ask) Bagels was working fine from anywhere on my LAN.  I popped out to the public library to try it over the public internet.  The first time I hit the site it took several seconds to respond but looked normal, subsequent attempts just died. Cr*p I thought, another mystery but, when I got home, the server was dead to the world.  The last thing on the serial console was the contact from an external ip and then the beginning of another transaction where it never got as far as printing the IP.  From what’s printed that would have to be a refresh transaction rather than a guess although i know the next thing i did was to submit a guess.  I tried a public terminal at the library and a machine on the lan at home but by then the server was dead.  I have no good way of seeing where it fell over but at least this is different from the early wishy washy issues!

15-03-08 webfail 15-03-08 serverfall

UPDATE: Sadly, not very repeatable. I went back to the library and was able to play half a dozen games from sevral different browsers without a failure and when i got home the server was still up. I did see the chrome “fail face” once briefly after a guess but then the page rendered properly.

I do have one repeatable failure which is my phone going out over the cellular network. That quite repeatably fails at the browser although the server is fine.


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