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More Bagels H*ll!

February 28, 2015

This project seemed sooooo simple.  I had a working version of the Bagels game on the Olduino using the inexpensive seeed studio Ethernet shield.  it worked fine with multiple users but was slow because of the protocol between the wiznet w5100 and the 1802.  I wanted to put it on the public internet but I just couldn’t see it holding up.  The W5500 seemed like it would clear the speed hurdle because it’s protocol is much more streamlined.  I re-did bagels for the W5500 but immediately crashed and burned.

The symptoms are just stalls at the browser level, the olduino seems to see the connection coming is (sometimes only after a several second delay) and responds appropriately but the browser doesn’t render the response page.

There are just so many frigging moving parts on this puzzle! Contrasting to the bagels game I thought I had working:

  • The W5500 is different hardware/firmware
  • My code is re-written for the W5500
  • The LAN in Florida where I started testing is a different IP range (10.0.0.x vs 192.168.1.x)
  • The router in Florida is different hardware and firmware
  • My darned windows laptop has gone wonky generally, as regards the browser (to the point where I had to uninstall chrome to put it out of its misery).

As it happens I’ve been back and forth to Ottawa a couple of times and done some testing but nothing conclusive.  Right now I have the windows laptop, the olduino, and the w5500 back in Ottawa.  I don’t have an arduino or the w5100(I could have brought them but noooo).  I have the bagels server up on my home LAN and:

  • The server is working right this second on my windows laptop (now using IE 11) although this may be temporary
  • The server works fine on either of the other windows computers in the house using chrome
  • the stall happens solidly if I use the server from safari on my phone over the public internet as my-home-ip:1802 and occasionally if I connect over the lan as
  • I swear I see logic errors coming through the code – not in basic gameplay but in scoring and high score maintenance when there are multiple players
  • One charming artifact is that is if I try to contact the server from a computer on the lan but addressing it as my-home.ip:1802 it works but the source is identified as – the gateway.  This makes for “interesting” game play.

Actually, I think I see the logic error. Yep.  Doesn’t affect the overall shmozzle though

UPDATE: The windows laptop still experiences the stall but maybe only when bringing the browser up after not using it for a time, so that could be anything!

1) There’s something wrong with the windows laptop. Fine: I’ll look after it once we get home in april.
2) There’s still something wrong that makes the browser on the phone lock up when coming in from outside – this was never a problem before. This could JUST MAYBE be a speed thing but I doubt it because the original olduino server could be *very* slow and it never just locked up the browser.


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