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Fiddler Traffic Tool Points To LAN Issue

February 21, 2015

So I still have the problem with flaky response from the bagels server on this LAN. I downloaded the Fiddler web traffic tool and looked at the details of the session. Fiddler inserts itself as a proxy between your browser and the server so you can see and time the traffic. The most striking thing I see is that fiddler reports an extremely long TCP/IP connect time 3-5 seconds is common. I was able to match up one fiddler-tracked transaction with the debug log of the server and the times match exactly. It’s just taking an unreasonable length of time for the router to make the connection.
15-02-21 fiddler

Once in a while the stall happens on the return trip and fiddler gives up on the connection
15-02-21 fiddler 3

Fiddler also points to a flaw in my http where I don’t include “content length” in my http header (mostly because it’s variable and it would be difficult to track). I will try the simple server where the data length is fixed and see if it’s any different.

15-02-21 fiddler too

Frankly though, I think the problem is just this router/lan.

Update: I tried running the server direct connected to the pc as and it’s flawless which supports my theory. I tried running the simplest server through the LAN and it failed much less frequently but still failed. I think I just have to wait til i’m home with a router I know better and trouble shoot some more.


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