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Sadly, Bagels is still Bent

February 20, 2015

I changed the two things that seemed most promising based on the arduino logic analyzer trace(gateway address and interrupt register checking) but I still have a bad problem. The game works pretty well with the safari browser on the mac but stalls badly with chrome and internet explorer on the windows machine.

I have a serial debug window open to the olduino and, sometimes, I can see a delay of several seconds between the time i click the browser button and when the olduino sees the data. More often, I see the data show up quickly at the olduino but there is a LONG delay between the olduino sending the response and the browser displaying it. Occasionally the browser says it can’t display the page. It feels like something wrong at the HTTP/HTML level where safari/os x has a looser rule than the windows browsers.

I also find the windows machine quite flaky on this lan, sometimes stalling or failing to find regular web sites. That doesn’t point anywhere useful though.

15-02-20 ie

15-02-20 nogo

I did see an error in the section that sends the congratulations message: it was not sending the final html trailer which has the and newlines that define the end of the http transmission. Fixing that didn’t help anything though.

One observation that is probably not related to the problem is that sending an item is done as a sequence: get the buffer pointer, move the data, update the buffer pointer, issue the send command and check that it’s done. When I issue a response with a lot of data items in it, I can see the browser painting the screen top to bottom. I could probably defer issuing the send command until I have the whole page moved to the buffer and it would speed up the rendering if nothing else.


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