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At Last, Another Olduino!

February 19, 2015

15-02-19 80Duino

I spotted this on Hack-A-Day and I’m quite excited. It’s a bit the same idea as my Olduino but based on the Intel 8086 and with way more sophisticated hardware including flash memory, onboard ADC, and hardware SPI. The author, Matt Millan describes it as a non-arduino but I think the 80Duino is a worthy member of the Olduino tribe.

The web site, linked above has a good description of the hardware and software and some excellent development photos. I had to take my geek hat off to matt when i saw his logic analyzer:

Matt’s Agilent Logic Analyzer

It’s a bit big though. I think it could kick the 1802 Olduino’s butt on a benchmark but the 1802 can probably run rings around it on the carbot track.

Matt is going to try an ethernet web server test this weekend and i’m hoping for more collaborative efforts down the line.


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