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Learning Xcode – Excellent Book(Well, maybe exciting rather than excellent)

January 30, 2015

15-01-30 xcode 6 book
I’m doing my LLVM development work with Xcode on the mac. I haven’t really used a modern ide and i’m more of a windows guy so there are a lot of things that are new to me or just different from what i’m used to. Rather than just bulling my way through figuring everything out from first principles, i wanted to get some grounding in the tool and environment

This book is just excellent. It covers the specific Xcode version (6) and it starts with os x development rather than iOS. It covers not just coding but also version control with GIT and the details of Xcode’s build processing (targets, dependencies etc.). It really seems to be just what i need.

It’s only going to published in may so i’m working through an online “rough cut” version on safari online. It really is a bit rough with missing illustrations, typos etc but I’m grateful for its availability. The whole final section dealing with details of os x development is still to come but i’m hopeful that i can switch to the Xcode 5 version of the same book at that point – it’s structured the same way. I’m a bit surprised at how much revision the book has undergone from Xcode 5 to 6 but that just shows how little i know!

Anyway, highly recommended and i will seriously buy a copy in May if i haven’t abandoned the mac altogether by then.

Oh, another thing: working with Xcode on the macbook is a delight. I seriously hope that if i can get llvm working for the 1802 i can use Xcode as my olduino ide on the mac.

UPDATE Feb 2: I’m no longer delighted with this book. I helped me find my way around the Xcode UI and git but i guess he’s expecting more background than i’ve got and i can’t just follow along because of missing illustrations and typos.


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