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In Which Carbot Is Not Completely Hopeless

January 20, 2015

Today I got Carbot running half-decently with a single sensor. It’s not practical without the side-facing sensor to maintain wall distance but this is the first trial where it’s working well enough that the side facing sensor should complete the picture.

The changes I made today was to turn the motor drivers on full for the turn using digitalWrite rather than using my software PWM which never really goes to 100%.  I also increased the wall detection distance to 75cm round trip from 60(15 inches instead of 12).  That seemed to give enough time to get a good turn.

For the record, that arena is about 5′ by 5′ (150cm) and the carbot travelled about 126″(315cm) in about 6 sec for a speed of about 1.75 ft/sec(50cm/sec ) or 1.2mph which seems quite pathetic.  Even scaled up to a full size car that would only be 25 or 30mph.  I had in my head the the original carbot was moving at 100 in/sec but that must just be wrong.

Again, for the record, carbot weighs about 424g with 84g on the front wheels.


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