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Winter Projects

January 18, 2015

I usually have more time for sedentary projects in the winter.  We’re busy through Christmas and January but in Feb and March we’ll be plunked in Florida with less stuff to worry about.

My list so far looks like

  1. Carbot – get the d*mned thing to at least orbit the arena once, even if it’s a single sensor(before leaving for fla)
  2. Get the MacBook ready to be my only computer in Florida(before leaving)
  3. Get comfortable with Xcode
  4. Get the web server/bagels game with the wiznet w5500 working on the public internet
  5. Work on LLVM for the 1802
  6. Get a browser working at least enough to render the hack-a-day page on an LCD
  7. Try out Josh bensadon’s single register spi hardware solution
  8. Try out the raspberry Pi camera for astrophotography.(Maybe next summer)


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