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W5500 – A Good Beginning

November 23, 2014

The W5500 ioShield-A module worked first time once I poked at the hardware a bit.
14-11-23 w5500server

Following the instructions here, I downloaded an updated ethernet library and picked the Web Server example. The only changes I made were to replace the reading of analog values with a simple Hello World message and to change the ip address to That IP lets me hook it directly to a windows box for testing rather than going through my router.

I will have to modify the hardware a bit to put it on the olduino. The ioShield A is made to fit the latest Arduino Uno so it has a couple of pins on each side that don’t fit into the headers of the olduino. Fortunately, the pins don’t touch anything on the olduino and they’re not used by the shield so they’re not in the way. What IS in the way is the ICSP connector. The ioShield-A uses a 6 pin female header to connect to an Arduino’s ICSP header and it picks up the SPI signals there. The olduino’s ICSP header is in a different location and the SPI signals are brought up on the regular headers. I’ll have to clip off the female connector on the ioShield-A and jumper from the regular headers to that location. No biggie but I wanted to make sure it worked before I started customizing it.
14-11-23 oops



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  1. Bongjun Hur permalink

    🙂 good start~~

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