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In Which My Disappointment is Blunted By Repetition

November 23, 2014

There’s no substitute for looking at the signal. I put the output of the sharp sensor on my oscilloscope set for .2ms per horizontal division and 2v per vertical and lo and behold, there’s the noise. It’s on some multiple of one ms repetition and about .2V high for about .1 ms or so.
14-11-23 oscope

Since .1 ms is only about 25 instructions, I changed my code to take two samples and select the lower of the two. My samples will be a good 100-200 instructions apart so I should never get two with the spike. The image below shows the results in the serial terminal. This should be fine for the forward sensor if I can live with the range problem.
14-11-23 sharp blunted


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