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MCP3002 Analog to Digital Converter

November 20, 2014

I picked up the ADC at Creatron this week and I’m looking forward to hooking it up to the Olduino. I’m not quite sure what clock speed I can use though. The data sheet shows the spi diagram but is silent on the maximum clock speed. The dependency seems to be that the device can sample at 200KSPS and it takes 16 clocks to communicate with it. In some sense that means a 3.2MHz clock. My SPI clock is fixed at around 3.5MHz which is 10% too high. I see a diagram in the datasheet that shows the device working with 250KSPS annd reduced linearity. I’m hoping I’m lucky either that my specific device will run at 3.5MHz or that the non-linearity isn’t critical.

Anyway, per the diagram below it looks like I send 0x68 0x00 and receive a ten bit reading as 0000 00XX XXXX XXXX. As my sister would say, “on va voir”.
14-11-20 MCP3002 SPI
14-11-20 mcp3002 pkg


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