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Balanced Carbot is More Sprightly

November 5, 2014

I couldn’t do exactly what I thought but this is close and it proves the point. With lighter batteries moved to behind the rear axle carbot moves and turns much better. The turn is still a bit iffy but it’s good enough to not be actually discouraging. The next trick will be to get a sensor working and see if it will do a controlled turn. I’m using two AAs for the logic supply and the 3 cell phone battery pack for the motor drive. The total weight is 420 grams with 90 on the front and 330 on the rear. I can pretty easily trim 20 grams off the total by going to AAAs or lithium AAs for the logic supply but I guess that might actually increase the weight on the front wheels since those batteries are right at the back.
14-11-05 balanced

Things I weighed today:

  • Revised Carbot 420 grams
  • Two cell AA power pack 66 grams
  • Single AA alkaline or nimh 25 grams
  • Single AA lithium 15 grams
  • Single alkaline AAA 11 grams



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