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Carbot Power On

September 21, 2014

So the power part of the circuit is working although I’m not convinced it’s quite right.  I’ve only tried it with the blink sketch but sometimes it doesn’t come back after a power cycle.  I’m not sure whether it’s a reset thing or what.  The led on the shield is a power indicator and the ne on the olduino is Q.  When I power it on, the DVM sometimes reads 7V on the +5 line before it settles down – don’t know if that’s an artifact or what.


  • The 7v on the DVM is an artifact, I hooked up an analog meter and it doesn’t show any overshoot.
  • Also, when I switch off the power the voltage drops to 3-ish volts and hangs there – probably draining the supercap.  If I switch on the power, I go back to +5 but I don’t get a power on reset.  I’ll have to look at the AVR’s brownout voltage and whatever.

14-09-21 power


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