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Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 2014

September 14, 2014

I’m in Lombard Illinois attending the VCFMW.  I met a number of friends that I knew from online and gave the Olduino its first public outing.  It’s a bit off topic for this group but it got respectful comments.  One young man wanted to buy one.  I sent him home with a blank PC board and a promise to send him a parts list.
14-09-14 vcfmw

There are more pictures on facebook.

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  1. Thanks giving me an olduino board at the show, Bill! I’ve never used 1802 or Arduino, but the combination of the two and an existing interest in picking up/building an 1802-based machine just made it irresistible! So far, I’ve only built the Membership Card kit, and will play with it a bit to get used to the system. Once I’m ready to move forward with the olduino, I’ll pick up a MC setup from Lee to build specifically for use with the olduino. I have a lot of thoughts of things that I’d like to do with it, and seeing some of your work with the ethernet shield and LCD shield really makes me think it should be possible with the application of a big enough round tuit.

    • Excellent. Have you got a blinker to work on the MC?

      When you do get close, let me know. I have a few thoughts on the MC build.

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