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Infrared vs Ultrasonic Sensors

September 5, 2014

14-09-05 ir sensor14-09-05 ultrasonic

As I’m putting the carbot on the road I’m going over old ground from when I did the arduino version.  One of the things I note is that I eventually switched from the ultrasonic sensor to an infrared one at least for the front-facing one.  I think I did that because it was faster to read and I didn’t have the two sensors interfering with each other. When I used two ultrasonics I had to fire them alternately so they couldn’t “hear” each other and you can only fire them every 50-60ms so it could easily be >100ms between front pings and the car was travelling at 100 inches/sec so it could go quite a ways between pings.  The Infrared sensor gives a pretty much continuous reading but the  output is an analog voltage from 0-5V.  I don’t have a way of reading that at the moment so I’ll try to work with the two ultrasonics for now.

There’s some notes about the issues with ultrasonics on the arduino forums.

UPDATE: I came across another style of sensor in this article. A micro lidar time-of-flight sensor connected over i2c,


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