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1802 Floating Point Routines From Doctor Dobbs Journal August 1979

July 13, 2014

Developing the LCC1802 Compiler, I wanted it to be feature complete which meant supporting floats and long integers. For floats I used code that I found on Mike Riley’s web site. I don’t know where those came from but I’m aware of three other sets of floating point routines. One set which I have never seen was distributed by RCA directly, another set was developed at Atomic Energy Canada in the 80’s, and the third set is what Lee Hart recently pointed out in Doctor Dobbs Journal from August 1979 – scans attached here.

The Mike riley routines keep floats in a register pair which suited me for the compiler – they use IEEE 754 format for 32 bit floats. The AECL routines keep floats in memory as do the Doctor Dobbs ones. I haven’t yet looked hard at the DDJ routines but I plan to because keeping the floats in memory has some advantages for processing them.

14-07-09 ddj3

14-07-09 ddj1

14-07-09 ddj2

This article is reprinted as permitted by Doctor Dobbs Journal
14-07-09 ddj reprint

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