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Final Connections – 4MHZ Membership Card

June 11, 2014

Finished the last few connections on the new Membership Card CPU board yesterday and I’m just cleaning up today. I made sure the blue wires that adapt for the 74HC132 were mechanically sound and well soldered and added the last few to go off board. In the picture at the bottom left are the extra leads for N0, N1, N2, /MRD, and TPB which go up to the Olduino to control the SPI circuits. At the top middle are the corrections for replacing the 4093 with a 74HC132. I *think* if I had done the re-routing for the ‘132 on the bare board it would have been simpler but I haven’t really laid it out to see.
14-06-11 bottom
The top and oblique shots just show the 4MHZ resonator still in a socket and the flyover bridge on the 74HC132 where I had to pull up pin 9 and bridge it to pin 6 without involving the traces in place on the board.
14-06-11 oblique
14-06-11 top

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