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How Fast is a 4MHZ Membership Card?

June 9, 2014

The 1802 CPU in the new membership card is at least running stably at 4MHZ. In the video below it’s running the standard blink program that would cycle the Q led once a second. Since the processor is cranked up from 1.6mhz to 4mhz it’s cycling in about .4 sec.

The clock, seen at the oscillator looks a bit degraded but not awful. That’s probably also the fastest signal I’ve ever looked at on this scope.
14-06-09 4mhz

The real question is whether the signals will be stable enough to work with on the olduino board and whether the avr can react quickly enough to do what it needs to.

A quick experiment showed that I can load code from the PC so a lot of the circuitry is working fine. So far I’m encouraged.

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