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Still No Joy – But I know Why

June 4, 2014

When I swapped signals to accommodate the differences between the 4093 and the 74hc132 I popped pin 9 out of the board to disconnect it from pin 4 and top-soldered it to pin 6.  I missed the fact that that signal (N4 or Load) also has to go to the 4013 pin 5.  So I need to blue-wire a connection from pin 6 of the 74hc132 to pin 5 of the 4013.  I also need to break the connection between there and the pad for pin 9 of the 74hc132 because that still has a trace connecting it to its pin 4.  I’m going to draw this carefully before i do it but I’mm pretty sure that’s what’s going on.


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